In this episode we begin our journey down Mexico’s mainland coastline, starting with Mazatlan! Join us as we explore the city’s colorful streets and marketplaces. From Mazatlan we head 100 nautical miles to Isla Isabel where we spend a few days with 40,000 nesting birds.
MUSIC CREDITS: 0-1:13, 9:2811:02 Mysteries
1:282:14, 10:5611:55 Cortez Copa by JP
2:133:15 Cubanos by JP
3:145:02 Cumbia No Frill Faster by Kevin Macleod, YouTube Audio Library
5:025:52, 7:429:31, 12:2813:34 Mixed Messages by JP
5:527:43 Angeles Del Cielo by Raul A. Medina (BMI)
11:5512:28 Reign of Love by JP
13:3213:58 Spanish Rose by Chris Haugen, YouTube Audio Library
OUR MISSION: Agape means unconditional, self sacrificing love. We love the beautiful beaches, clear water, and great days sailing as much as anyone, but we also strive to help the communities that inhabit and make these places so great to visit. Follow along as we drift around this big blue orb exploring and helping where we can!!! You can help out as well, support us on Patreon and we will in turn give 100% of donations away to the people and communities in need that we find along the way. You can also directly support Agape here:… We hope these videos inspire others to turn their dreams into reality, and our hope is to authentically document the ups and the downs of long term sailing and traveling.
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