Chacala is the quintessential anchorage most people dream about when setting sail for the warm, tropical anchorages of Pacific Mexico. Its clear blue waters lapping at a white sand beach, surrounded by lush vegetation and coconut palms make Chacala an easy favorite on most boaters lists. Aside from the picturesque anchorage, Chacala is a nice stop to break up the passage either north or south bound between San Blas and Banderas Bay.

Like other small towns along this stretch of coast, the tiny coastal fishing village of Chacala is changing fast as its reputation grows as a travelers’ destination. Located 96km north of Puerto Vallarta, it sits pretty along a beautiful little cove backed by verdant green slopes and edged by rugged black rock formations at either end. With just one main, sandy beach and a few cobbled side streets, it’s a great place to unwind.

This little town is a pretty special place, with surf to the north and a secluded beach to the south, and great hiking for those who want to find it, it easily became one of our favorite stops along mainland Mexico. It can get a little rolly out in the bay, but if you are one of the only boats you can tuck in a little closer to were the pangas tie up and it’s not so bad. On Agape, we are pretty roll sensitive but after putting out a stern anchor and deploying the flopper stopper, we hardly noticed the swell rolling in. The town is pretty small but along the beach you can find restaurants that serve great food, especially if you like seafood at cheap prices!

We enjoyed a few days exploring Chacala and the surrounding area, taking advantage of the secluded beach to the south for a fun day of hammocking and playing in the water. I only wish we could have spent more time here.

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