Life in Real Time!

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One day at a time.

After two months of hard work and finally saying goodbye to our family and friends, it’s time to start adventuring! Time is definitely not slowing down and we cannot wait to start cruising after months of planning and looking ahead to this very moment.

We’ve partnered with Pulsar to join in their #LifeInRealTime campaign to inspire others to live in the moment, whether it’s working hard or hardly working! Josh and I have learned just how important it is to be present for each moment during this last season of our lives. Soaking up each day, while being grateful for every good and hard lesson that might come along with it.

We are learning how to shift our focus from the future, to the present moment, each day directing our attention to the project, person or experience at hand. For us, simplifying our lives and quitting our jobs to go cruising is an attempt to slow down time. We have downsized our belongings and simplified our schedules to quit being busy and live more presently. It’s taken us six years and a lot of hard work but we are finally here, and it’s time to start cruising!

Agape finally back in the water! Full of joy and so much love for this beauty.

Heading out to the islands for our first shake down cruise! We were expecting Agape to sail a bit slower now that she is fully provisioned and sitting an inch deeper in the water, but she flies! We had 15-20kts of wind and we were sailing comfortably at 6.5kts.

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On our way out, I climbed the mast using our new mast steps, to catch a spectacular view of Agape with her sails up, slicing through the water. I wish I could freeze myself in time for moments like theses. Words cannot describe the emotions that encompass all our hard work, years of dreaming and saving, and now finally getting ready to set off on this new adventure. There is so much joy and anticipation, but it’s also accompanied by a sadness, realizing we are leaving behind an amazing community of loving friends and family.
5k9a0386#LifeInRealTime. Loving my new solar powered watch from Pulsar!

Excitement and fears, bubbling up as looked out to the horizon. So much is unknown and unplanned. We are finally free and Agape is finally ready. We have said our goodbyes and our hearts our ready for what this new chapter will bring!

Stunning sunrise at Prisoners Harbor.

We just got back to Ventura and only have a few things left to do before finally heading south. Josh found our water maker wasn’t working properly and after trying the best we could to fix the problem, decided it would be best just to send it off to have the main pump rebuilt. Shipping it off this morning and fingers crossed we’ll have it back in two weeks.

Agape is also waiting on her new stay sail to be finished, but until then we plan on several more island trips with family and friends to continue shaking down the boat before we finally head south. Our tentative date is November 13th!

Time is flying by and we can’t wait to share our upcoming journey!

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