Coches Prietas – Memorial Day Weekend

Epic weekend out at Santa Cruz Island celebrating Memorial Day with friends! We had great trip heading out, 25 knots of wind, pretty good little swells and even got to hang with a humpback whale for a bit before continuing on to our anchorage. The weekend was filled with beach volleyball, bocce ball, frisbee tennis, standup paddling, swimming, hiking and eating way too much food. I wish we had more pictures to share but we were too preoccupied with having fun. We did fly the drone but the footage we took came out black… all black. Stupid gopro! Luckily our friend Libero captured this stunning image with his drone Sunday evening.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Even when it’s blowing 25knots and freezing cold the captain can’t manage to keep his pants on. #nakedsailing (j/k he’s wearing a speedo)
YEW!!!! Sailing! 25 knots, reef in the main and island bound.
Captain enjoying the last bit of daylight with a good book and cigar.
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 10.50.36 PM-2
Courtney and Carly taking the plunge.
Best beach on the island.
Evening hike on Santa Cruz.
Stopped for a quick surf session on our way back home. Courtney heading out on one of the stand ups to say hi to the line up.

*Funny story/favorite moment of the trip*

On our sail back while chit chatting on deck our friend Courtney yelled out “Fin!”

Sure enough, a big fin! And not a dolphin fin…. We got pretty excited to say the least.

Our other friend, Carly, who was along for the trip has a bit of an obsession/love/irrational fear of sharks. When she heard “FIN” she flipped out and quickly bolted up from down below joining in with our squeals of excitement. Us girls were so excited we made Josh turn the boat around, (not a quick or easy thing to do while sailing) so we could get a better look. As we approached, we realized there wasn’t just one fin but at least three fins actively moving about the surface and they were big! We were shouting “SHARKS! SHARKS! SHARKS!” and jumping up and down with excitement hoping to catch a glimpse of these dare we say what our hearts hoped to see… great whites.

We circled around trying to guess where the fins would appear next. They would surface only for a moment then dip below the surface. The anticipation was almost too much to bear.

Finally, we rounded our turn and came upon the mysterious “shark”, hoping to capture a glimpse of the rare great white, when we were instead greeted by the very awkward and strange mola mola…. Instanly the screams dissipated to “Ooooooooooo sunfish…. I guess that’s exciting too…”

Sunfish are awesome, but not when you’re expecting to see a great white. Someday we’ll see one! We know they’re out there…

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